Ark completes construction of one of UK’s largest modular data centres by Ark Data Centres, 6th June 2013

Ark, a leading provider of high integrity data centres, has now finalised the construction of one of the UK’s largest modular data centres, known as P1.

The construction of Data Centre P1, at Ark’s Spring Park, its dedicated, secure data centre campus in Wiltshire, is one element of a planned growth strategy on which Ark is currently delivering.

Stephen Hall Executive Sales & Marketing Director for Ark commented: “We are extremely pleased with the timely delivery of P1. The entire build of the first phase of P1 took just 16 weeks to complete – phases 2 & 3 were delivered concurrently in around 18 weeks.”

Each phase consists of two Data Rooms with its own associated Energy Centre and Infrastructure. Each Data Room supports around 750kW of IT load over seven separate Aisles of 109kW that can operate at a capped annualised PUE of 1.25.

Hall continued: “If your current data centre operates at the industry norm of 2.5 Ark’s solution can save your business approximately £1.1 million per megawatt of IT capacity provided per year and up to 6,000 tonnes of carbon.”

All Ark’s data centres, known as The Ark’s, afford occupiers the opportunity to embrace best practice and sustainable principles in the design, construction, engineering and operation of their data centres.

Spring Park’s 38-acre campus will support around 93,000m² of high performance, high security, low carbon data centre and office accommodation once finalised. P1 is the latest addition to the campus, which has been operational since 2009.

Spring Park boasts a higher availability of free air cooling afforded by its location; it is estimated that this method of cooling can be used for 360 days per year. Combine this with the rigorous engineering and efficient energy design and you have significantly lower consumption of electricity, lower associated CO² emissions and unrivalled levels of security for the customer, all of which are standard features.

“Ark is one of the few organisations able to say they have turned their plans into reality. Many companies in the industry have announced plans to build over the last few years, to fulfil the huge demand for sustainable, high availability data centres, but few have been able to demonstrate their commitment,” remarked Hall.

As Ark continues to build, both at Spring Park and Cody Park, they will provide a variety of high integrity data centres which offer a flexible approach to organisations who appreciate the need for secure, available and sustainable data storage solutions.

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