Ark’s latest Data Centre sees Customer hand over by Ark Data Centres, 8th August 2013

ARK Data Centres today announces that its latest data centre facility at Cody Park, A101, is being handed over to customers as contracted.

The first module of Data Centre A101, a two-storey facility consisting of two separate and secure Data Rooms each supporting 750kW of IT load, is set in its own compound within a secure campus adjacent to Cody Technology Park.

A101, once complete, will comprise of a state of the art Data Centre with six Data Rooms providing space for up to 1176 cabinets, at an average 4.2kW per cabinet, over 42 discrete Aisles. Each module construction occurs in phases and will not affect the existing modules in any way. Built aligned to Ark’s Sustainable principles the facilities at Cody Park are on course to receive a BREEAM certification of Very Good.

Following the successfully completed Integrated Systems Testing (IST) conducted during July in full view of customers and BCS CEEDA accreditors, which demonstrates Arks confidence in the systems, a two-week period of training and familiarisation took place for the operations live service team.

Ark provided access to customers for installation of cabinets in advance of the hand over. Kevin Bone, Director of Business Programme & Client Change at Ark said, “We are very agile, flexible and understand the needs of our customers. We assisted with the pre hand over and fit out of cabinets and structured cabling for two customers, in two separate Data Rooms, to ensure their occupation goes smoothly and they achieve their go live dates. For the last two weeks the these installations have been running concurrently with the on-site operations team training.”

Fenton Bard, of SOURCE, one of A101’s initial occupants remarked, “This latest addition to the SOURCE portfolio with BIL3 status allows us to satisfy Public Sector and high-security enterprise data centre requirements within just 24 hours of order. Ready connected, SOURCE deliver high-speed Tier1 Internet and point-to-point network services just a cross-connect away. We are really delighted to be working in true partnership with Ark and look forward to expanding through this and the Spring Park campus in the near future.”

Ark is further developing both Cody Park and Spring Park to meet demand and orders are already in place to complete module two of A101 at Cody Park and element two of SQ17 at Spring Park by the end of this year.

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