Celebrating mediocrity by Ark Data Centres, 1st October 2014

I was amused to read Digital Realty Trust’s (DRT) recent announcement about its new data centre in Dublin being open for business, as I really can’t help but think the Company is celebrating mediocrity … if not abject failure.

It was reported that, “during the testing phase at peak load, the site achieved a PUE of between 1.15 and 1.18.” This is not an impressively low figure. At Ark, we hit that figure when we turn the first 10 racks on. So, our customers aren’t reliant on us filling the data room before cost and power efficiency gains kick in.

Whilst it makes good headlines, it’s curious that DRT would shout about its inefficiencies and the resulting costs its clients can expect. That said I’m not complaining, as it’s great for our business, as we regularly knock the socks off those kinds of numbers.

Steve Hall
Ark Data Centres

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