Cool Ways to Beat the Heat by Ark Data Centres, 27th August 2015

Recently, Computer Business Review magazine reviewed the top cooling trends in the data centre space. And that got me thinking.

It sounds obvious, but if you’re looking for ways to cool down your data centre, then it makes sense to keep the future in mind.

With IT upgrades happening every nine months to three years, your cooling solution will need to be able to keep up with the pace of change that comes with higher density computing.

In other words, the solution you choose must have technology capable of adapting to ever changing IT power requirements –because a rack that today may only need 4kW of electricity, tomorrow may need 10+kW.

Losing sight of this could prove a costly miscalculation, as you’ll find yourself needing to regularly update your cooling technology to match the pace of change in IT power consumption.

And that’s important if you want to ensure efficient and reliable operation of mixed density racks – from 1kW to in excess of 30+kW – side-by-side.

Employing an appropriate cooling solution – coupled with highly sensitive real-time monitoring technology – makes it possible to undertake the rapid deployment of higher rack densities with no negative impact on existing racks.

This is a good thing, because applying some careful thought to the application of the right cooling technology can significantly extend the flexibility of your data centre room. This makes it possible to cope with whatever future additions and changes may be on the cards.

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