A Data Centre Is No Longer A Business Resource – It Is The Business by Ark Data Centres, 10th April 2017

The 90’s was consumed with the launch and evolution of new technologies. For the average business owner, it was a time to learn about IT and how it could enhance the way you run your business. The 21st century, however, is playing an entirely different ball game.

Today, IT in general is not only used to make businesses more efficient but is the sole reason most companies come to exist. From the likes of social media to online banking and dating apps, the accessibility of data has entirely revolutionised the definition of “business”.

Taking retail as an example of how data can develop a sector, over 25,000 town centre stores have closed in the last 14 years. All the while, online retail is set to account for 21.5% of total retail sales by 2018, the highest online retail share in the world[1].

To demonstrate how many new companies have IT at the core of their existence, small businesses currently account for 99.6% of all private sector bodies with three quarters of business owners relying on mobile or web apps. As a result, the 21st century has seen the launch of some what would have been inconceivable business plans.

This shift to online reliance is rife in every aspect of your day to day, from retail and public sector services, to science and enterprise.

When big data means big business, companies need to look at outsourcing their data centre to ensure information is stored in a high security, monitored environment and to minimise risk. The move to the Cloud is obviously an important one in the development of both the commercial and public sectors, but of course the bottom line here is that the Cloud requires data centres.

As such, a company’s data centre is always the backbone, the brains and the heartbeat of every business. The thought of a business’ core going down is one that CEOs, CFOS and CTOs do not like to dwell on for too long.

For those that do still manage their own data in-house, it’s likely they will have a dedicated server room within the office. These servers need to be maintained and protected, from deterring physical risks such as floods, fire and incursions by malicious third parties, to preparing for the havoc that can be created by unauthorized members of staff entering the secure area[2] and constant fluctuations in the indoor air quality.

If data is the beginning, middle and end of your business, by keeping these actions in house rather than outsourcing, you may be risking a black hole in the plot of your story.

Instead, outsourcing your data centre, whether it is 1, 30 or 100 racks in question, could be a substantial step to safeguarding your business from a failure which could result in a tarnished reputation.

Of course, issues of trust to come into play here. You must have absolute confidence that your data centre provider can offer you tight security, highly trained staff and the deepest level of technical understanding, all of which we work by at ARK.

We understand that data is your business and for that reason, we give our customers a Business As Usual (BAU) service. This begins by reviewing the operational components required to ensure a fully managed, fit-for-purpose solution is developed and deployed, and is sustained by creating an honest circle that supports the relationship for the long term.

We work in synergy with our clients; as their business data evolves, so do our data centres.

[1] http://www.retailresearch.org/retail2018.php

[2] http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/content-tracks/security-risk/data-center-security-the-risks/95088.fullarticle

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