A London Data Centre that saves you up to 50% of your power costs? by Stephen Hall, 5th February 2019

London – 05 February 2019 – I sit here considering how best to get across the reason why Ark Data Centres purchased their latest site in Enfield and why it is an amazing innovation for clients like you. I am not going to talk about my dog, what food I had last night or completing an Ironman last weekend as nobody is interested in that.

What I am going to ask is a series of questions which you really should be asking yourself, particularly if you are in the business of utilising huge scale IT infrastructure, so here goes:

  • Do you know how much you are paying on electricity at your current/future facility?
  • Do have a guaranteed electrical efficiency?
  • Do you use totally renewable and 100% green power?
  • Do you focus on the per month rental costs and don’t really focus on the price of electricity because ‘it’s essentially the same everywhere’?
  • Do you know that the current level of government taxes is currently 52% of the total electricity costs and will rise to 65% by 2020?

That’s enough of the questions and now for the explanation – these questions, but most importantly the answers, frame the reasons for Ark buying the site in Enfield, London.

Data centres are now more necessary than ever: services, cloud companies, payment systems, transport systems, big data, virtually everything now is stored or analysed in a data centre – that’s why every one of us is unknowingly utilising them daily. For this reason, having a totally renewable, energy efficient data centre has become a necessity and the socially responsible thing to do.

The use of the electricity from London Energy will deliver significant cost advantage, is 100% renewable and will be exempt from the increasing government taxes.  When combined with Ark’s high security, high-quality build and a guaranteed efficiency it’s something that is generating significant interest from clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more, and you really should be, please give us a call, send us an email, or contact us.

In the words of Huw Owen, CEO of Ark Data Centres:

“This is the exciting next step in Ark’s development as a leader within our industry. We look forward to continuing to provide market-leading data centre services to existing and new clients from this new location at Enfield.  Our arrangement with London Energy further enhances our already excellent client offering and we are extremely pleased to be able to add yet further real value to our clients and their businesses.  All of course made possible by the incredible talent and hard work of the Ark team who continue to deliver these world-class outcomes.”

-Steve Hall

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