New White Paper from Dr I Bitterlin by Ark Data Centres, 27th May 2013

Ark Continuity a leading developer of high integrity data centres today releases a new white paper, the eighth produced on their behalf by Dr Ian Bitterlin PhD BSc(Hons) BA DipDesInn MCIBSE MIET MBCS MBIFM MIEEE.

Dr Bitterlin is recognised as an industry expert, especially in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. Ian has produced a number of white papers and data centre studies over the years, and is a prominent and valued speaker and host of data centre conferences worldwide. Currently enjoying a secondment from Prism Power with Ark Continuity Limited Ian is working closely with the Engineering and Project Team to deliver Arks latest Data Centre developments at Corsham and Farnborough.

The new paper is entitled “Maximising the Grid Capacity of a Data Centre” and presents Dr Bitterlin’s thoughts on the provision of a power grid connection for a modern large data centre. He says “It is problematical and expensive. In the UK the load expansion pressure on the grid (albeit slightly eased by the 2009-10 recession) makes ‘power supply’ a key item on the site selection agenda. Having contracted the supply, there follow-on punitive charges for retaining the power capacity but not having the load demand, although it is the lost opportunity for profit if the available power is not used for computing that remains a problem.”

This paper reviews the historical perspective and the latest trends in how to maximise the return on investment in the grid connection, but what is not addressed is the simple problem of low load in a completed data centre and the slightly more complex issue of partial load efficiency in mechanical cooling systems.

Please visit to review this, and all Dr Bitterlin’s white papers, simply hover over Media in the toolbar and select from the titles in the drop down menu.

Ark are aligned with the UK governments’ policy to reduce the environmental impact of ICT by ensuring improvements in energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; in particular focusing on the UK CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency; affording occupiers the opportunity to embrace best practice and sustainable principles in the design, construction, engineering and operation of their data centres.

Ark recognises and understands the central role that mission critical data centre facilities play in the delivery of organisational brand values and customer experience. Ark has assembled the engineering, financial and human resources required to deliver mission critical data centre facilities.

Ark’s unique data centre model offers all the benefits of owner occupation – discrete space and dedicated infrastructure – but on an outsourced, modular basis. Customers have the security of their own technical space and infrastructure, while allowing them to expand as their requirements grow; moving the investment from capital expenditure to operating expenses.

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