The Seven-Year Itch: Can You Avoid It? by Ark Data Centres, 11th February 2015

Just like a marriage, factors like commitment, hard work and cooperation are the backbone to any outsourcing relationship.

When preparing for that first date with a data centre provider, it pays to remember that you’re not just buying a technology solution. Truth is you’ll be entering into a long term relationship, the success of which depends on continuous communication and the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Engaging with a data centre provider involves more than a simple exchange of money and services. It requires open, honest and regular communication. And, without the right ‘can do – will do’ service culture in place and a regular consultative framework that creates time to talk and be heard, you risk not being treated like an extended member of the family.

Ark believes that, just like a marriage, you may prefer to do it once – and do it properly. It’s why we don’t subscribe to the ‘lift, shift and switch it on’ approach that, further down the line, risks leaving you stranded with a solution that no longer meets your current business requirements.

Preparing for change is the reason we’re committed to delivering the Business As Usual (BAU) services our clients deserve – from reviewing the operational components required to ensure a fully managed fit-for-purpose solution is developed and deployed when you first onboard, to creating a virtuous circle that underpins the relationship for the long term.

It’s also why we schedule regular monthly review meetings when you can share what’s on your roadmap and communicate any potential forthcoming changes – so we can ensure the operational model evolves as your business needs change. And why you’ll always have access to a dedicated Customer Champion who’s committed to providing a single point-of-contact for your every need.

In real-life, the outsourcing process is much like a marriage. But with proper governance, flexibility and open communication between all – you can pass the seven year marker without a hitch!

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