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Savings are for illustrative purposes only.
The UK average power cost figure is based on the latest BEIS survey of energy suppliers, and includes all applicable costs except VAT. Calculations are based only on consumption.

What is my IT load?

This is the total amount of power in kW (kilowatts) that your IT racks consume. Industry average is currently around 4kW per rack, around 20kW per rack for HPC environments.

What is my kWh cost?

This is the full cost per kWh (kilowatt hour) that your utility or data centre provider charge you for the power consumed by your IT equipment (VAT is not included). We’ve defaulted to the UK average if you are unsure.

What is my PUE ratio?

Put simply, PUE measures how efficiently a data centre uses energy. In a perfect world PUE would be 1.0 but typical figures are around 2.0 (source). More info can be found here.

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