ARRM System PolicyDocument Ref: Doc 148 Annex A – ARRM System PolicyVersion 1.4 - Issue date: 17 February 2023

Policy, Principles and Commitments

Ark Data Centres (Ark) designs, builds and operates the UK’s most efficient data centres. We are committed to ensuring that we operate efficiently and without interruption in order to provide the best possible experiences for our clients, investors and all other stakeholders.

This policy applies to all of the work undertaken at or in relation to Ark’s Spring Park, Cody Park and Meridian Park sites.

In the event that a disruptive or undesirable event occurs, we manage the full range of resulting impacts, minimising adverse effects and restoring our services, rapidly and efficiently. Ark accomplishes this through a holistic, integrated risk and resilience management approach which will remain externally certified to ISO22301 (Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems), and aligned to ISO 31000 (Risk Management). This is not a standalone activity. It is achieved by the integration of legal & regulatory, stakeholder and any other relevant requirements of our business.

Led by the Senior Leadership Team, risk and resilience management is the responsibility of all staff and key contractors. Our aim is to minimise the likelihood and consequences of an adverse incident or event by:

Prevention & Protection

We identify, assess and treat risks based on a thorough analysis of likelihood and impacts. We endeavour to protect our most vulnerable and business-critical assets while maintaining robust plans for emergency, incident & major incident response, business continuity and recovery.


We constantly monitor the full spectrum of risks to our organisation and our clients, enabling us to escalate our level of readiness and invoke specific contingencies for managing risks and/or responding to incidents of all scales.

Response and Recovery

Following any major incident or adverse event, we respond effectively to manage the impacts and restore stability. Our plans are designed to mitigate any adverse incident or event. By invoking a comprehensive range of contingencies, restoring our most urgent critical services and subsequently recover as rapidly as possible.

Learning & Improvement

We aim to prevent the recurrence of adverse incidents/events and improve our levels of preparedness through a rigorous cycle of continual improvement, training and exercising. We are committed to learning the lessons of our successes and failures as well as those of others. We examine our performance internally through a variety of measures and utilise external auditors to validate our approach to business continuity.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) endorse all ARRM objectives to ensure they are SMART and reflect the current needs and goals of the business. Those objectives and our performance against them will be measured and evaluated as often as is necessary and in any event no less frequently than annually.


Huw Owen
Chief Executive Officer
Ark Data Centres Limited
17 February 2023

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