Environmental PolicyDocument Ref: 20005-A-EnvironmentalVersion 2.5 - Issue date: 17 April 2024

Policy Statement

Ark designs, builds, and operates the UK’s most efficient data centres. We are committed to leading the industry in reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. In every aspect, our impact should be the absolute minimum. We recognise that our products and business operations have an influence on the environment and shall endeavour to take practical steps to minimise any negative impact. This policy applies to all data centre campuses, employees and contractors working for or on behalf of Ark at all sites.

We will:

  • Consider environmental impact at all stages of the business from design through to end of life.
  • Identify, reduce and dispose of waste arising from our operations in a way that minimises harm to the environment and prevents pollution of land, air and water ensuring consideration is given to
    the waste hierarchy.
  • Prevent environmental pollution and reduce existing pollution streams through the efficient use
    of resources, waste management and best industry practices.
  • Minimise toxic emissions through the careful selection and use of machinery and the source of its
    power requirement.
  • Promote recycling both internally and externally amongst clients, suppliers, and visitors.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutions when feasible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored, and disposed of.
  • Consider goods and services which can be manufactured, used, and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way in accordance with the Procurement Policy (5029-A-Procurement).
  • Encourage contractors and their sub-contractors to consider environmental impacts when making purchases.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, contractual or business requirements.
  • Ensure that everyone working for or on our behalf of Ark is aware that they have a responsibility
    to protect the environment.
  • Provide relevant training to staff and contractors to raise awareness of environmental aspects and
  • Maintain our existing ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification to demonstrate the
  • Maintain our existing ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certification.
  • Work as a member of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP) to develop and implement the Self-Regulatory Initiatives (SRI) for measuring, monitoring, and reporting environmental improvements to recognised standards.

We, therefore, maintain an environmental management system that reflects our business requirements, and we continually seek to improve the effectiveness of that system in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Ark establishes and reviews environmental objectives that are SMART and that reflect the needs and goals of the business. Those objectives and our performance against them are measured and evaluated as often as is necessary and in any event no less frequently than annually.

Our environmental management system is defined in documented policies, processes and procedures that provide clear standards and guidelines for all appropriate areas of our activities.


Huw Owen
Chief Executive Officer
Ark Data Centres Limited
07 May 2024

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