Ark Continuity Limited joins forces with Intellect’s Data Centre Group by Ark Data Centres, 27th May 2013

Steve Webb, Chief Operating Officer of Ark Continuity Limited has joined Intellect’s Data Centres Group to represent Ark’s interest in this thought leading collective.

Intellect have brought together like minded individuals from across the IT Industry and UK’s data centre operators to enable the articulation of a cohesive pan-industry voice, communicate concerns and represent the sector’s interests to all stakeholders with greater effectiveness.

Steve Webb remarked “Ark is pleased to be a member of Intellect and I look forward to demonstrating our commitment to the issues and initiatives the Data Centre Group discuss over the coming months. Intellect is extremely forward thinking in their approach to many of the topics affecting the technology industry, especially data centres, and I believe we can add a significant contribution from the sustainability stand point bearing in mind all we have discovered whilst developing one of Europe’s lowest carbon data centres.”

Intellect’s Data Centre Group has already addressed subjects including the Carbon Reduction Commitment, the G-Cloud and CRC Update. It has also produced a report entitled “Data Centres: The backbone of the UK economy.”

Ark’s philosophy of continuously delivering high integrity data centres built on security and availability without compromising sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are also extending our UK platform to include locations that complement and enhance the innovative and reliable data centre proposition.

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