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Data is the new global oil economy

by ArkDataCentre, July 24, 2017

Data will be to this century what oil was to the last, according to what is a compelling article published in the Economist recently. Discussing how flows of data have created new infrastructure, businesses, monopolies, politics – and crucially – new economics, the piece rightly acknowledges data as the new driver of growth and change […]

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A Data Centre Is No Longer A Business Resource – It Is The Business

by ArkDataCentre, April 10, 2017

The 90’s was consumed with the launch and evolution of new technologies. For the average business owner, it was a time to learn about IT and how it could enhance the way you run your business. The 21st century, however, is playing an entirely different ball game. Today, IT in general is not only used […]

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Modern Day Companies Need To Be Prepared For Crises – Just Like Ark

by ArkDataCentre, April 5, 2017

If a crisis strikes your business, are you prepared for how to handle it? This is a fundamental question relating to the modern day commercial world. Another, perhaps more pertinent question, might be: If a crisis strikes a business which is integral to your own, is there a plan in place for how to mitigate […]

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Cloud Expansion Needs First Class Data Centres

by ArkDataCentre, December 21, 2016

The importance of the relationship between data centres and the Cloud has been underlined with the announcement that IBM – with the help of Ark Data Centres – is to expand its Cloud-based services in the UK. IBM will be tripling its data centre provision from two to six data-centres in the UK over the […]

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The Tesco Bank cyber-attack and data centres

by ArkDataCentre, November 22, 2016

The data breach which saw some 20,000 Tesco Bank accounts exposed, once again shone a light on cybercrime and the need for constant developments in security. The bank acted quickly to pay back plundered funds, and top-level investigations are underway to identify from who and where the attack originated. Around 40,000 Tesco Bank current accounts […]

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