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So, what is it you do?

So, what is it you do? by Brad Boundy, 6th January 2023

It’s probably the one question I dread being asked when I first meet someone. Not because I don’t like what I do for a living- on the contrary, I love it. But the moment I disclose I work in data centre technical operations, I invariably get a polite, very British…

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Now available in Hot-Pink

Now available in Hot-Pink by Sharon Lowe , 5th January 2023

So, here’s a question for you. What does a data centre in Farnborough, and over a hundred people from three organisations have in common? – Hot pink. Hold that thought, I’ll come back to that. The thing about working in a data centre, is that you seldom hear about the…

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A thank you to Phil

A thank you to Phil by Toby Thornley, 16th August 2022

So, let me ask you a question – how does it make you feel when you see a bunch of people in an organisation doing something for charity? For me, I’m always curious about the story – the why – because it never takes much before you catch a glimpse…

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UTC's Got Talent

UTC's Got Talent by Steve Ross, 11th May 2022

Speak to almost anyone that has been in the data centre world for any real period of time, and you’ll quickly discover a pretty vast tapestry of backgrounds – because let’s be honest, very few of us began our careers with this industry in mind and with very good reason.…

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Conflict and geo-political issues in Ukraine

Conflict and geo-political issues in Ukraine by Ark Data Centres, 24th March 2022

In light of the current conflict and geo-political issues in Ukraine and the wider Russia/Belarus region, we understand the situation rightfully causes concern to our customers and raises questions round the impact  of those issues and the sanctions imposed by Her Majesty’s Government as well as other western governments. Ark’s…

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Ark Data Centres and COVID-19

Ark Data Centres and COVID-19 by Ark Data Centres, 20th January 2022

Latest Update: 20th January 2021 This pandemic has doubtless presented challenges but Ark remains open and effective. The Ark Team has confronted those challenges at all times mindful of our duty to carry zero tolerance for anything that risks our clients’ operations. Rest assured that the Ark Client Delivery Team will…

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Ark statement on the Log4j vulnerability

Ark statement on the Log4j vulnerability by Ark Data Centres, 14th December 2021

There is, understandably, widespread concern about the impact of the Log4j vulnerability ( This statement is made to keep our customers informed on how this risk has been addressed and managed by Ark Data Centres and Crown Hosting Data Centres. Services that are accessible from the public Internet and that…

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Run for your life

Run for your life by Louise Methven, 3rd December 2021

Stood at the starting line at one of the world’s most famous Marathon routes, I couldn’t help but wonder, what on earth I’d got myself into. More to the point, whether anyone would really notice if I decided to turn around and go home – As appealing as the second…

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The forgotten art of customer service

The forgotten art of customer service by Stuart Harrison , 29th September 2021

An awful lot of time is given in business to talking about providing the best possible customer experience, and in a digital world, that invariably means a bot doing its level best to answer a set of predetermined, commonly asked questions – I can tell you this for free, that…

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‘Outsmart, outwit, outthink, outmanoeuvre’ by Jonathan Evans, Lord Evans of Weardale

‘Outsmart, outwit, outthink, outmanoeuvre’ by Jonathan Evans, Lord Evans of Weardale by Jonathan Evans, Lord Evans of Weardale, 19th August 2021

I have been interested in cyber security since I was running MI5. We were actively looking to attack our adversaries’ systems. It didn’t take long for the penny to drop that if we could infiltrate someone else’s defences, then they could do the same to us. Fast-forward to today and…

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Longcross Press Release

Longcross Press Release by Lee Harris, 20th July 2021

New Data Centre shows Ark’s commitment to deliver zero carbon data centres in the UK Longcross Park is a significant step on the journey of dynamic continuous improvement enabling organisations to meet aggressive sustainability targets Corsham, England – July 21, 2021 — Ark Data Centres is proud to announce that…

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Park Royal's Va-Va-Voom Factor

Park Royal's Va-Va-Voom Factor by Rob Silvester, 7th July 2021

For many people, the Renault Show Room at Park Royal is a very familiar sight.  It lies just East of the Hanger Lane Gyratory system and has been home to Renault for over 100 years – This is the story of how one of the most infamous sights on the…

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'Orchestrating Union' - A guest blog by Rennie Dalrymple, Managing Director of Concert

'Orchestrating Union' - A guest blog by Rennie Dalrymple, Managing Director of Concert by Rennie Dalrymple, 10th March 2021

If you’re on a beach in Kenya and your phone rings, most people would agree that it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore it and continue looking at the cocktail menu.  The name flashing up on the screen however was Andy Garvin, Director of Design, Build and Operations at Ark Data Centres,…

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