Ark Data Centres and COVID-19 by Huw Owen, 16th March 2020

Latest Update: 19 May 2020

This pandemic doubtless presents a real challenge but Ark will remain open for business having proactively and intelligently planned our reaction to the various scenarios that may present.
Those plans are the outcome of tireless work by the Ark team with all of our partners and clients and we are grateful for that effort and everyone’s positive engagement – thank you.
We will continue to execute against those plans and adapt as needed but remain confident that we can meet the challenges before us.

As ever the Ark Team’s focus will be on carrying zero tolerance for anything that risks our clients’ operations.
Our Client Delivery Team will continue to proactively engage with our partners and clients as matters unfold to ensure that transparent and timely lines of communication remain open. The Ark Team wish everyone the very best as we work to confront the challenges ahead together.

Huw Owen – Ark Data Centres CEO

COVID-19 Guidance for Ark site users – May – 19 (.pdf format)

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