Ark Data Centres and COVID-19 by Ark Data Centres, 20th January 2022

Latest Update: 20th January 2021

This pandemic has doubtless presented challenges but Ark remains open and effective. The Ark Team has confronted those challenges at all times mindful of our duty to carry zero tolerance for anything that risks our clients’ operations. Rest assured that the Ark Client Delivery Team will continue to proactively engage with our Clients and Partners to ensure that transparent and timely lines of communication are maintained.

Over the years, as part of our ongoing contingency planning, we have exercised, learnt and adapted our operations to numerous scenarios and fortunately the required rules, tools and processes were embedded and well understood by our people and we quickly found our ‘battle rhythm’ when confronted by C19. We will continue to adapt as needed but remain confident that we can meet any challenges before us. That state of readiness is the outcome of tireless work by the Ark team in conjunction with our Clients and Partners and we are grateful for both that historic and the current positive engagement – a sincere thank you.

I have set out below the principles on which Ark Data Centres and Crown Hosting Data Centres will operate during the current restrictions:

Ark & Crown Hosting will continue their operations, including all construction activity
Due to the critical importance of our facilities, we have operated throughout the COVID 19 pandemic and we will continue to do so.

Our clients
We will continue to provide the same full range of services to our clients in order that their critical infrastructure is supported and protected.

Coming to work
All engineering, construction, facilities management and security operations will continue, including all planned preventative maintenance.

If your job requires you to attend one of our sites in order to fulfil your role effectively, you therefore can still come to site by following the existing processes.

Our supply chain partners
We will continue to utilise our supply chain partners and they can rely on us during this period to provide them with our business as usual.   In return and in accordance with the current government guidance, we will require that our supplier chain partners continue to operate and supply us with goods and services during this period.

We are a safe place to work
We have put in place proper and effective measures to ensure that our facilities are clean, COVID secure, and safe places to work.  These measures including increased cleaning, mitigation measures, guidance on social distancing, and the provision of sanitisers and other materials to assist with hand-hygiene.

COVID 19 Guidance Notes
Our guidance notes for staff, suppliers, and clients will continue to be updated and reissued as necessary as matters progress.

The Ark Team wish everyone the very best as we work together to confront the challenges ahead.


Huw Owen – Ark Data Centres CEO



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