Socially Responsible Data Centres

Ark is on a journey of continuous improvement to set the tone for Socially Responsible data centres, the benefits of which, we share with the customers we serve.

We believe that by honouring Ark’s sustainability objectives, we empower you to reach yours.

Everyone wins, especially the planet.

And this is how…

We’re eliminating diesel

All existing sites which have historically leveraged diesel generators are being transitioned to Bio-diesel.

For every new market-defining London facility, Ark is committed to completely eliminating diesel by employing ‘Back-up Gas Generators’, proven to run effectively on up to 30% hydrogen.

We support the UK’s ambition to incrementally increase the hydrogen mix in its utility gas network and we are pushing hard for the tests to be completed which will allow 100% usage.

Leveraging 100% renewable energy using natural sources

For the last 6 years, all Ark facilities have been powered by 100% renewable energy using purely natural sources.

In turn, our customers benefit from the lowest renewable energy prices available in the UK market, while dramatically lowering their own carbon footprint.

Rainwater Harvesting

We’ve extended our typical Rainwater Harvesting process to capture water from the roof but also from the ‘run-off’ of the car parks which can then be filtered and stored.

It may involve a more intense filtration process but by re-using this water, we only use the mains to top up the rainwater supply as required, significantly reducing our usage.

Reducing Water Consumption

Water Consumption is a great example where a data centre could either potentially add to the problem or employ some innovative thinking.

That’s why the team at Ark has developed a ‘Water Buffering and Saving Mode’ for our cooling equipment which reduces the utility water supply requirement from 33 litres to just 5 litres per second (Reducing our original peak water usage by a staggering 85%).

Air cooling (delivering the lowest PUE)

Our data centres only fresh air cooling, allowing the IT equipment to maintain a consistent temperature all year round.

And in turn… achieving the lowest PUE in the industry.

Waste reduction

Ark’s Waste Management Strategy is simply to become a ‘zero waste to landfill business’.

Our aim is to reduce the unnecessary use of raw materials, encourage re-use of materials and products, and reduce waste to landfill through recycling, composting or energy recovery, leading to a lower environmental impact and positive carbon reductions.

Encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles

Each new Ark facility has significant provisions to accommodate and encourage the use of electric vehicles with a large, dedicated section of our car parks equipped with Multiple EV Chargers.

Socially Responsible data centres which won’t cost the earth

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