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SF6 Gas - Data Center Sustainability by Roy Gibbens, 17th September 2019

At Ark Data Centres, we take sustainability seriously. Being one of the UK’s largest operators we understand our responsibility to both our clients, and to the planet, which is why we’re constantly innovating to ensure we’re taking every measure to reduce our environmental impact. Ark leads the way is designing,…

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Data centres comparison - let's make it easy by Roy Gibbens, 28th August 2019

“How much will my data centre cost to operate?” This is typically not an easy question to answer and making a comparison between options available out in the market is, well, let’s say challenging. Rental charges are an easy comparison to perform, but that’s less than half the story. What…

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What is a data centre? by Roy Gibbens, 28th March 2019

Data centres are at the centre of pretty much anything you do if it involves using a smartphone, computer, tablet or any other electronic device. So perhaps the question should actually be –  how do you use and interact with a data centre? That Fortnite game you won during your…

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A London Data Centre that saves you up to 50% of your power costs? by Stephen Hall, 5th February 2019

London – 05 February 2019 – I sit here considering how best to get across the reason why Ark Data Centres purchased their latest site in Enfield and why it is an amazing innovation for clients like you. I am not going to talk about my dog, what food I…

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Sport Relief 2018 by Ark Data Centres, 13th March 2018

Here at Ark we never shy away from a challenge – particularly when it is for such an amazing cause. After the big success of our last fundraising efforts we are preparing our arms, legs and lungs for a mighty Ironman challenge. Even if we don’t usually need any motivation…

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Cool things happening at Ark’s new hyperscale data centres by Ark Data Centres, 2nd March 2018

London, England – March 5, 2018 – Ark Data Centres, announced they will be adding further data centres to their existing portfolio, which will deploy indirect air cooling. These new facilities will be available to Ark’s existing client base, their Crown Hosting joint venture and new prospective clients. Steve Webb…

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UK Council’s Digital Facelift Leads To Significant Savings by Ark Data Centres, 20th November 2017

Derby City Council confirms 60% savings on its data centre provision since move to Crown Hosting Services Framework In line with the UK Government’s Cloud First policy to help drive efficiencies and provide better services for the public, Derby City Council has confirmed a 60% saving on its data centre…

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Crown Hosting – A Surprising Government Shared Service Story by Ark Data Centres, 15th September 2017

The UK government has developed a number of shared services over the years where the model is a joint venture between a private sector provider and the government itself. Generally, the government retains a minority stake in the venture but relies on the private partner for expertise and operational management.…

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Ark To Take On Epic 100 Mile Ride For Charity by Ark Data Centres, 14th August 2017

2 great causes. 50 heroic riders. 100 gruelling miles. There will be 50 riders from Ark Data Centres, and their supply chain partners, cycling an epic 100 miles to raise money for two charities, both of which hold very special and personal meanings to us all: Cancer Research UK and…

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Data is the new global oil economy by Ark Data Centres, 24th July 2017

Data will be to this century what oil was to the last, according to what is a compelling article published in the Economist recently. Discussing how flows of data have created new infrastructure, businesses, monopolies, politics – and crucially – new economics, the piece rightly acknowledges data as the new…

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SSE Enterprise Telecoms continues UK-wide expansion as it brings Ark Data Centres’ Spring Park on-net by Ark Data Centres, 4th May 2017

SSE Enterprise Telecoms – the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure services, and part of the SSE Group – have announced the addition of two new facilities to its expanding UK fibre network: Ark Data Centres’ Spring Park and iomart Glasgow. Both data centres benefit from diverse routes and will…

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A Data Centre Is No Longer A Business Resource – It Is The Business by Ark Data Centres, 10th April 2017

The 90’s was consumed with the launch and evolution of new technologies. For the average business owner, it was a time to learn about IT and how it could enhance the way you run your business. The 21st century, however, is playing an entirely different ball game. Today, IT in…

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