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Guest Blog - 'How Technology can help contribute to your Carbon Net Zero Targets'

Guest Blog - 'How Technology can help contribute to your Carbon Net Zero Targets' by Jason Liggins - Guest Blog, 5th January 2021

The professionalism and speed at which the public sector has adapted to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic has been and continues to be impressive and inspiring. One of the many strategies employed was the rapid deployment of modular buildings. The advancements made in such manufactured facilities are astonishing and are…

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The Green Feat

The Green Feat by Tim Coxon, 20th November 2020

Although it’s difficult to imagine a headline which doesn’t include the effects of the pandemic, you only have to go back a couple of weeks before lockdown and Climate Change was both dominating the news and gathering some serious momentum.   Cities the world over were being brought to a standstill by protestors…

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People, Pandemics and Platinum

People, Pandemics and Platinum by Lindsey Sherar, 5th November 2020

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of potentially waving 3 years of hard work goodbye – and that’s precisely what happened to me, the moment lockdown was announced. Anyone who has undertaken an Investors in People (IIP) process will tell you, it’s tough and I mean, really tough. When we…

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The Data Dilemma

The Data Dilemma by Roy Gibbens, 23rd October 2020

By the time you’ve read this sentence, at least half a million Google searches would have taken place. As someone who works in the data centre industry, you’d like to think I’d be pretty happy with that particular statistic. After all, so far, those very searches have led to roughly…

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Building the possible

Building the possible by Andy Garvin, 18th September 2020

It was Monday, March and after a long list of lockdown measures had turned the UK upside down, every major newspaper in the country had its eyes firmly fixed on construction sites – whether or not they should be kept open, the risks they may pose, as well as the…

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Ark Data Centres buys Renault Retail Group’s West London site, to further its leadership in energy efficient data centres

Ark Data Centres buys Renault Retail Group’s West London site, to further its leadership in energy efficient data centres by Ark Data Centres, 10th September 2020

Ark Data Centres has bought Renault Retail Group’s West London site on Western Avenue, Park Royal to create a state-of-the-art energy efficient data centre powered by renewable electricity, occupying one of the most sought-after locations in London. The building is the existing 92,000 square foot showroom which has been the…

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Reinventing the Office

Reinventing the Office by Simon Burrage, 24th August 2020

Of all the learnings to be taken from this pandemic, the radical reassessment of  ‘where’ and ‘how’  we spend our time, is squarely back at the top of the agenda, right where it belongs. For those who decide that their teams have clearly flourished in a remote culture, there really…

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The Importance of Possibility

The Importance of Possibility by Huw Owen, 14th August 2020

As any CEO will tell you, one of the most important relationships you will ever develop, is the one with ‘Change’. It attends every meeting, is present on every agenda, informs every decision and is unwavering in its commitment to keep you on your toes.  Or in the case of…

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Has ‘Business as Usual’ left the building?

Has ‘Business as Usual’ left the building? by Stephen Hall, 30th July 2020

Anyone who has worked in the technology industry for a while will tell you, the debate on ‘Remote working’ has enjoyed a pretty healthy track record when it comes to dividing a room. No matter what side of the debate you fell however, come the lockdown on the 16th March,…

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Union Park - a new London Data Centre

Union Park - a new London Data Centre by Ark Data Centres, 5th March 2020 Hayes, London – Bull’s Bridge At Ark, we are proud to unveil plans for Union Park: a new data centre on the Bulls Bridge Industrial Estate in Hayes.  This comes in response to the growing demand for data centres as consumers, business and the public sector become increasingly reliant…

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A testament to our growth

A testament to our growth by Ark Data Centres, 11th October 2019

We are proud to have received a £450m syndicated infrastructure loan from a group of 11 banks, led by ING, that furtherly secures our strategic expansion plans and helps delivering our characteristic best-in-class services. The £450m financing is to both fund our continued expansion, as well as refinance the existing £300m existing loan. The key…

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SF6 Gas - Data Center Sustainability

SF6 Gas - Data Center Sustainability by Ark Data Centres, 17th September 2019

At Ark Data Centres, we take sustainability seriously. Being one of the UK’s largest operators we understand our responsibility to both our clients, and to the planet, which is why we’re constantly innovating to ensure we’re taking every measure to reduce our environmental impact. Ark leads the way is designing,…

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