Ark Data Centres’ Team ‘Raw Hide’ Hits the Tarmac to Raise £10k for Hospital Charities by Ark Data Centres, 17th November 2014

On 15 August, 25 volunteers from local business Ark Data Centres along with its partners Axis, AVK, H Sweet, ITS, JCA and Norland undertook Exercise ‘Raw Hide’, a charity bike ride.

With the sole aim of completing the pre-arranged route of over 90 miles in one day (9-10 hours), the target of £10,000 that the team hopes to raise will be donated to the “Jack Banks Fund – Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal” and the Bristol Children’s Hospital and Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Fund.

“Ark Data Centres is a powerhouse of great people doing great things,” explained Huw Owen, CEO of Ark Data Centres. “We take pride in all our projects, work ethics and delivery. In undertaking this challenge, Ark will demonstrate that as a team, any goal, regardless of distance, obstacles, weather and terrain can be achieved through determination and focus.”

The Route

The ride started at the Ark Data Centres’ offices at Cody Park and finished at Hartham Park in Corsham. It covered approximately 92 miles along a route that predominantly encompassed B Roads and a variety of challenging gradients. The volunteers who participated were split into two teams: Team Social who averaged 12 – 14mph and Team Rocket who averaged 16-18mph. The route was also broken down into three stages of about 30 miles – participants chose whether they wished to complete one, two or all of the stages as an individual or part of a relay team.

The Charities

  • “Jack Banks Fund – Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal” – Jack Banks was four years old when he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia. For over four years Jack underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and two bone marrow transplants all at the Bristol Children’s Hospital. Jack died on 23 July 2008, aged 9. Jack’s mum set up a Star Tribute Fund in his memory through the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal and her ultimate aim is to pay for and equip a new modern playroom and integrated conservatory on the newly refurbished Oncology and BMT Unit. A special place where children undergoing treatment for cancer can spend precious time away from their hospital beds.

Through exercise “Raw Hide”, Ark Data Centres aim to help Jack’s mum reach her target of £100,000

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  • Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Charitable Funds – The money raised will be donated to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Fund and the Neuro ITU Fund both of which showed an exceptional level of care to Ark’s colleague Tim Edwins Contracts Director at JCA following a motorbike accident at the begining of the year that resulted in brain surgery and facial reconstruction. The Raw Hide endeavours seek to enable the charity to continue supporting others in need of similar care.

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