Health and Safety PolicyDocument Ref: 14021-A-Health & Safety PolicyVersion 1.5 - Issue date: 12 August 2022

Ark Health & Safety Policy – Statement of Intent

Ark Data Centres Limited (Ark) regards Health and Safety at work to be paramount to the business, and that effective health and safety will actively contribute to our long-term success. This policy applies to all Ark Data Centres and Offices and includes all employees, contractors and any third-party employed by Ark, collectively referred to as staff in this policy. All third parties who visit any Ark sites are also required to comply with this policy.

As an organisation, Ark is committed to:

  • Maintaining, a safe and healthy working environment for all staff that is appropriate for our facilities and activities that prevents work related injury or ill health
  • Ensuring all staff have an awareness and understanding of health and safety hazards, risks and opportunities that affect our business and the steps needed to eliminate or reduce those risks or realise those opportunities.
  • All staff have the competence, equipment and support to undertake their work safely.
  • Our work activities are compliant with legislation, and our staff are empowered to take action to identify and address health and safety risks.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our management system.
  • Ensuring there is active open communication and consultation between our staff and that health and safety is integrated into all that Ark does.
  • Maintaining a management system in order to comply with health and safety legislation, fulfil the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, any other identified requirements and engage with our stakeholders to continually improve our performance.

To do this we will ensure that:

  • This policy is published and that managers will take steps to ensure that staff are aware of this policy and that we are committed to its implementation.
  • Roles and responsibilities for the assessment, control and implementation of health and safety are defined, as necessary within job descriptions, and those staff are empowered to act.
  • Risks to staff are identified and assessed and recorded in the relevant Risk Assessment, COSHH register (Care of Substances Hazardous to Health), Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS), or Ark Risk Register (as appropriate).
  • Specific health and safety hazards are disclosed during site inductions to staff who need to be aware of them, and that by means of training and/or publication of appropriate information staff whose activities have been assessed for risk are aware of the assessment and the controls that are in place to protect them.
  • Sufficient resources are made available for staff to be able to comply with this policy, properly discharge their responsibilities in relation to health and safety, and monitor our performance and that of our contractors.
  • We only work with suppliers and clients who meet or exceed our health and safety standards.
  • The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) endorse all Health & Safety objectives to ensure they are SMART and reflect the current needs and goals of the organisation. Those objectives are measured and evaluated as often as necessary and no less frequently that annually.
  • We will undertake periodic management reviews of our performance in relation to the management of health and safety.

We keep this Policy up to date and reflective of any business changes in nature or size. To ensure this, the policy and its operation shall be reviewed regularly and amended as necessary. The Directors give their full endorsement of this Policy.


Hugh Owen
Chief Executive Officer
Ark Data Centres Limited
12 August 2022

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